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Path breaking study in Tuberculosis wins Gold!

Path breaking study in Tuberculosis wins Gold

The Professor S.Krishnamoorthy Rao Award instituted in honour of a mathematical genius and a man with a scientific temperament, as an award to recognize great research work and honour an outstanding PhD scholar was awarded to Dr. R. Gayathri, Post Doctoral Fellow, Microbiology Laboratory, Kamalnayan Bajaj Institute for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology for her outstanding thesis ‘Molecular technique to detect and identification of multi drug resistant tuberculosis’  a path breaking research initiative to bring down the time taken to detect and diagnose drug resistant tuberculosis.

The awarding ceremony at the Sri V.D Swamy Auditorium started with an invocation by Ms. Vandana followed by a warm welcome address and a note on the award by Dr S.Meenakshi, Director, Academics, Sankara Nethralaya.  Ms. Deepa course coordinator from BITS introduced the distinguished Chief Guest of the day Professor Sanjay Kumar Varma, Dean, Academics, Research Division, BITS, Pilani. She highlighted his research and academic achievements, professional accomplishments including his being appointed to the prestigious post of ‘Country Expert’ by the world intellectual property organization (WIPA) to represent India on a multi-country project named ‘Impact of IPK on economic growth” and his keen interest in microbial physiology, genetics and environmental biotechnology.

This was followed by honouring of the Chief Guest by Dr SS.Badrinath, Chairman Emeritus, Sankara Nethralaya and a brief note on the award being presented by Dr HN.Madhavan. He observed that Dr Gayathri was chosen for the award for her responsible work and conveyed his profuse thanks to the awardee and her supporters Shri Balasubramanian of the Chennai Willingdon Corporate Foundation, Dr. Sridhar of Stanley Medical College. He declared that Dr. Gayathri has in addition to being awarded the Prof  S.Krishnamoorthy Rao award also been appointed as In-Charge of the Sankara Nethralaya Referral Laboratory in recognition of her sincere work.

Dr K. Lily Therese, Program Coordinator, Vidyasagar Institute of Bio Medical Sciences and PhD guide to the award recipient gave an interesting account of the genesis of the Vidyasagar Institute of Biomedical Sciences (VIBS), its lofty objectives, achievements in terms of corneal transplants, stem cell culture etc. She had a high word of praise for Dr. Gayathri for her ceaseless effort and Dr. Sridhar of Stanley Medical College, the Chennai Willingdon Corporate Foundation and Dr. Meenakshi, Director, Institute of Thoracic Medicine for supporting and guiding Dr Gayathri’s research initiatives, she closed her address with the observation that hard work never fails.

The Chief Guest of the day honoured Dr. Gayathri with the Professor S.Krishnamoorthy Gold Medal Award and Certificate for outstanding PhD student to the thunderous applause of the gathering. The learned Chief Guest observed that it was during the course of his interactions with Sankara Nethralaya that he realized that it was not only a premium eye care hospital but an excellent seat of research, avowed to translational research to benefit the common man, which is also the philosophy of BITS. He highlighted the impact that Dr. Gayathri’s research findings would have on the diagnosis and treatment of TB and the advantage of Reverse Transcriptase PCR.

Acknowledging the honour bestowed on her Dr. Gayathri expressed her gratitude to her mentors Dr HN.Madhavan, Dr K.Lily Therese, funding agencies, Dr Sridhar of Stanley Medical College, Dr SS.Badrinath and the learned faculty members of BITS for enabling her success in research. The program came to an end with a warm Vote of Thanks by Dr S.Krishna Kumar, Deputy Director, Kamalnayan Bajaj Institute for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology.

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