OM Trust spreads the spirit of compassion in Southern California

Jan’il Jollee

Through a single act, a life can be changed. Through a single operation, a world can be opened. And through a single program, a chain of good deeds can begin.

These were the thoughts floating through the minds of those who organized and performed in the light music program for Sankara Nethralaya in Los Angeles on January 12th, 2013.  SN OMTRUST joined hands with the Southern California Tamil Association (SOCAL) and presented “Jan’il Jollee” a Tamil Light Music program, by FUN MuzikLovers, RiffsNRaagas, TREAT and Sangamam. From Texas were special guests “Singer” Prabhu and his daughter, Shruthi Prabhu, who had performed for Sankara Nethralaya in the past.

The program started on an auspicious note with a Ganesha Pooja by founder of SOCAL, Shri Padmanabhan Iyer and a brief introduction by Shri Subbu Shanmugam, the president of SOCAL. Shri Santhanam Mullur a trustee of SN OM Trust gave a brief introduction to the objectives and activities of the Sankara Nethralaya OM Trust and explained the noteworthy service being provided by Sankara Nethralaya towards vision care to indigent patients in India and made an emphatic appeal to support cost free eye care to the needy through donations. The musical event by FUN MuzicLovers – Balaji, opened with the song “Mukunda Mukunda” by the kids Amruthaa & Rumeya, followed by many songs with “Vision” as the underlining theme.

The response to this program was indeed great. This was a first time event for Sankara Nethralaya in Southern California, and helped greatly in creating awareness on the noble objectives of the charitable organization in this region. The song, Ovvoru Pookalume, was rendered by Ms Shruthi Prabhu after an informational video presentation on the activities and background of Sankara Nethralaya. The theme of the entire concert touched the hearts of all the attendees as well as entertained them with the wide variety of Tamil songs that were rendered. Feedback from the crowd was overwhelmingly positive and indicated that Jan’il Jollee has helped, Sankara Nethralaya gain another city of supporters.

Sankara Nethralaya has been offering vision care for the poor and needy for the past thirty five years. Whether it be in America or in India, vision is critical for a human being. Being deprived of eye care due to lack of financial resources is a pity. People have to recognize this and contribute to this noble cause. Volunteers of Sankara Nethralaya, SOCAL and the performers from California and Texas put their hearts and souls into effectively communicating this message to the audience and promised to continue their support to this wonderful charity in the days to come.

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