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A workshop on Customer Service

A special session on ‘Customer Service’ especially in the healthcare sector was conducted by the Sankara Nethralaya Academy at the SN main campus on 14th July 2012. The session was aimed at enhancing a key element in healthcare delivery today, an element which could make a world of difference to the patients and their escorts namely enhanced ‘Customer Experience’. This interactive workshop aimed at honing the skill sets needed to retain patients in an increasingly competitive healthcare market place and increasingly well informed and demanding patients was well attended with 86 participants from well known healthcare providers like Sankara Eye Centre, Coimbatore, Dr K M Cherian`s Frontier life line -Chennai, Dr Mehta`s Hospital, Apollo Hospitals, Shri Narayani Hospital, Vellore, CMC Vellore, Appaswamy Hospitals and Santhosh Hospitals taking part enthusiastically.

The session evoked excellent feedback from the participants with quite a few of them requesting for an exclusive, dedicated session for their institution.

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