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Institution of the Professor S.Krishnamoorthy Rao Gold Medal Award

S.Krishnamoorthy Rao Gold Medal Award

It was a significant occasion for an institution whose guiding and founding principle is to acquire and disseminate knowledge for the common good, an institution which believes in promoting the cause of India centric research. May 2nd 2012, saw the institution of the Professor S.Krishnamoorthy Rao Gold Medal Award, to be presented to the most outstanding PhD student passing out of the Vision and Medical Research Foundations. The award was being instituted by Dr KS.Vasan, Managing Director, Sankara Nethralaya in honour and memory of his illustrious father late Professor S.Krishnamoorthy Rao an accomplished mathematician of yester years. The programme started with a mellifluous invocation song by Dr.S.Meenakshi, Director Academics, followed by a warm welcome by Dr Ronnie George, Director- Research, Vision Research Foundation to the Chief Guest, dignitaries and the first recipient of the award Dr Kandalam Mallikarjuna. Dr.George touched upon the activities of the Vision Research Foundation, the impressive number of PhD students it produced, the outstanding quality of its research and how the award would help in encouraging researchers and scientists. Introducing the Chief Guest to the audience Dr. P.R Deepa, Co-Ordinator, BITS highlighted his multifaceted personality and accomplishments in terms of his academic distinctions, special areas of research, patents that his research findings have won, expert guidance to aspiring PhD students, overseas assignments, membership in prestigious scientific bodies, membership on the editorial board of scientific journals and most importantly his critical role in mobilizing funds for the various Birla Institutions.

Speaking on the occasion Dr KS. Vasan, Managing Director, Sankara Nethralaya and son of Late Professor S. Krishnamoorthy Rao made a spontaneous and warm recollection of the many facets of his illustrious father. He recalled the mathematical genius, the warm family man and the compassionate teacher who would not charge fees from his underprivileged students, so much like Sankara Nethralaya. Dr KS.Vasan thanked the chief guest Dr Ranendra Narayan Saha for honouring the occasion and the memory of father with his August presence and Dr SS.Badrinath for his presense and help in instituting the award in his father’s memory at Sankara Nethralaya. He closed his speech with the observation that his Father, Mother and Dr SS.Badrinath continue to be the leading lights in his life journey, following which he was felicitated by Dr Krishna Kumar, Deputy Director-Research, Vision Research Foundation. Dr Lily Therese, Head of the Department, L&T Microbiology Department took audience on a virtual tour of the Vidyasagar Institute of Basic Sciences since its inception, its goals, help to poor students, summer camps and prestigious affiliations. The first Professor Krishnamoorthy Rao Gold Award was presented to the most outstanding PhD student Dr Kandalam Mallikarjuna by the Chief guest Dr Ranendra Narayan Saha amidst thunderous applause from the audience following which he gave an in-depth account on his doctoral work in terms of hunting for melanoma secrets and his breakthrough findings on tumour, cancer, prevention of relapse and proliferation of cancer cells.

Delivering the Chief Guest’s note Dr Ranendra Narayan Saha, Deputy Director, Research &Education Development & Administration &Dean, Educational Development Division, BITS, Pilani, thanked the hosts for the honour bestowed on him, he expressed his lifelong admiration for Sankara Nethralaya and its architect Dr SS.Badrinath, he congratulated Sankara Nethralaya for its stellar role in supporting and encouraging research and observed that the Gold Medal award would go a long way in this direction. Dr Saha observed that some of the most leading researchers and scientists working in laboratories worldwide are Indians and they could do great work in their own country if provided an opportunity and the necessary infrastructure, he dwelt on the need for collaborative research and exhorted researchers to also don the role of scientific entrepreneurs to make research viable and translate the benefits of their findings to the masses. Dr Saha proclaimed that India could control the world economy if the potential of its research was channelized and leveraged.

The function ended with a warm Vote of thanks by Dr Preethi Mehta Senior scientist Department of Nanobiotechnology.

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