Ophthalmic Nursing Seminar

Ophthalmic Nursing Seminar

The fact that additional seating arrangement had to be made to accommodate the beyond capacity invitees and participants assembled at  the Sri VD Swami Auditorium on the 30th of March is a clear indication of the overwhelming response to the Ophthalmic Nursing Seminar being held there. The seminar was organized to educate participants on the general principles of nursing, healthcare and the finer nuances of ophthalmic nursing.

The function started with a hearty welcome and interesting note on the objectives of the Sankara Nethralaya Academy by Shri A.Mahalingam, Academic Officer, followed by a brief note on the objectives of the seminar by Ms H.Priya, Professor, Nursing. The participants were enriched by a high level understanding and deep knowledge  on a broad spectrum of subjects, directly and indirectly related to nursing like Infection Control Issues in Ophthalmic Practice, Basics of Electronic Medical Records(EMR), Emergency Management of Eye Injuries & Nurses in Mobile OT and Rural camps, Counseling and emotional support for patients with Vision loss, Handling of Ophthalmic Patients – Pre / Per/post and Ambulatory care, Refractive Procedure : LASIK, Paediatric Ophthalmology & Role of Nurses in Ophthalmology by speeches on these subjects by experts and Senior Professionals in the respective fields.

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