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Sankara Nethralaya releases a treasure trove in Medical Laboratory Techniques

Manual of Medical Laboratory Techniques

In keeping with the spirit of its founding principle and cherished objective of sharing  knowledge and in-depth learning for the betterment of humanity, Sankara Nethralaya has released its ‘Manual of Medical Laboratory Techniques’ a sheet anchor for proper and precise diagnosis. The book is co-authored by Dr S.Ramakrishnan, Professor Emeritus, Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology and Dr KN.Sulochana, Director, Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Vision Research Foundation, with rich inputs from highly qualified and experienced researchers and technologists from the departments of Microbiology, Hematology, Genetics and Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and Cell Biology.  This makes the book an authoritative treatise, referral, guide and source of knowledge for students and practitioners in these fields. The book will go a long way in improving the overall quality and efficacy of Medicare by enhancing the accuracy of diagnosis and interpretation of symptoms and ailments, the very basis for administering the right therapy. This exhaustive work on medical technology including instrumentation would enable laboratory scientists conduct tests without external guidance and is a must have for hospitals, clinical laboratories and teaching institutions.

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