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Pioneering work by Vision Research Foundation in Microbiology wins dual recognition

Dr Madhavan H N

In what could be considered as a proud testimony to the Vision Research Foundation’s pioneering work in the field of Microbiology, the Indian Association of Medical Microbiologists (IAMM) the prestigious body has selected two of its members for high recognition and reward.  Dr. HN.Madhavan, President, Vision Research Foundation was selected to receive the ‘Life time achievement award’ for the year 2011 and the oral presentation titled “Evaluation of in- house Fluorescent Antinuclear Antibody (FANA) test Using Hep-2 Cells And Commercial ELISA for the detection of Antinuclear Antibodies in Uveitis patients” by Dr B.Mahalakshmi a lecturer at the L&T Microbiology Research Centre, Vision Research Foundation was selected by the executive committee members of IAMM for the Dr S.R Sengupta – Dr A.M Saoji Memorial Prize at their XXXV National Congress held at the Benares Hindu University, Varanasi. The awards come as a high recognition of Dr Madhavan’s life long contribution for the cause of research in general and microbiological research in particular and as a recognition of a critical forward step in the treatment of Uveitis patients. The award winning paper was co-authored by Therese K L, Manjula H, Majumdar P P D, Suchitra P, Malathy J, and Dr Madhavan H N.

Dr B.Mahalakshmi

While Dr B.Mahalakshmi received the award at the XXXV National conference of the IAMM held at Varanasi between 23rd and 26th November 2011, Dr HN Madhavan would be honoured at the XXXVI Conference to be held at the Lady Hardinge Medical College, New Delhi in November 2012. These awards are a proud feather in the cap to the concerned researchers and to the Vision Research Foundation, the institution to which they belong.

1 comment to Pioneering work by Vision Research Foundation in Microbiology wins dual recognition

  • S. Rengaraju

    It is interesting and awesome to read new findings in vision research by Sankara Nethralaya in recent times. I must appreciate their ability and efforts and wish them to become a fore runner among the institutions in the world. My earnest appeal to them is that they should find a permanent cure for keratoconus through stem cell therapy positively soon and make proud of the organization. Hope all will go on the right path to achieve the goal. Thank you and best of luck in all your endeavours. Wish you all A HAPPY NEW YEAR.

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