XXIII Graduation Ceremony celebrated with great enthusiasm

XXIII Graduation Ceremony

Thunderous applause, vigorous handshakes, joy and jubilation marked the XXIII graduation day at the Sri VD Swami Auditorium on Saturday, October 22nd, 2011. It was a day of fulfillment and pride for the passing out students, faculty members and most importantly the visibly elated parents and other family members gathered in good numbers to participate in the momentous occasion. The proceedings of the evening got off to a grand start with the ceremonial march of the dignitaries to the dais led by Chief Guest Dr Chandrasekhar Shetty and Dr S.Bhaskaran, Chairman, Sankara Nethralaya followed by a brief introduction of the eminent Chief Guest by Dr.S.Bhaskaran.

Dr S. Meenkshi, Director Academics, Medical Research Foundation extended a warm welcome to the cross section of audience, thanked the dignitaries for their gracious presence and proudly declared that Sankara Nethralaya has made available a sum of rupees 100,000 US dollars for the joint research program in Nanobiotechnology between Missouri University and the Medical and Vision Research Foundations. This was followed by an in depth and well researched address by the Chief Guest Dr Chandrasekhar Shetty, covering a broad spectrum of topics from self-reliance, global competitiveness, role of private sector in education, ethical responsibility of the educated class etc. Shri Chandrasekhar Shetty commended the role of Dr SS Badrinath, Chairman Emeritus and Sankara Nethralaya for their significant contribution to the betterment of society through the vehicle of higher education.

While it was a day of honour and recognition for students of the Medical Research Foundation, Vidyasagar Institute of Biomedical technology and science and the Elite school of optometry receiving their Bachelor, Master and Doctor of Science in Optometry and Medical Laboratory Technology the day also witnessed the awarding of prestigious institutional awards like the Swarnalatha Punshi award, Kanthimathynathan Endowment award, Ruby Banik Award, Dr. Major S. Srinivasan Memorial prize award and best publication award for papers presented on various branches of ophthalmology.

Dr L.S Varadarajan, Associate Professor, Elite School of Optometry proposed the Vote of Thanks and the function concluded with the rendering of the national anthem.

We take great pride in giving below the names of winners of the special recognition awards

1. Ms.S.Srilekha
    – Bangalore Genei Pvt. Ltd. Endowment award for Clinical Genetics
    – Hi Media Laboratories Pvt. Ltd Endowment award for Medical Microbiology
    – Dr.S.Ramaswamy & Dr. S. Narasimhan Endowment award for Human Anatomy & Human Physiology
    – Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd. Immuno Diagnostic Division Endowment award for Clinical Immunology
    – Biochemistry Research Dept Silver Jubilee year – Endowment Award for Biochemistry intern
    – Sankara Nethralaya Silver Jubilee award in Microbiology for Diagnostic Microbiology
    – Dr. H. N. Madhavan Endowment award for Best Outgoing student

2. Ms.V.Annapoorni
     – Wipro Biomed Pvt.Ltd. Endowment award for Bio chemistry

3. Sheela Evangeline K
     – Luxottica Excellence Award for Research Methodology
     – Sri R Sivaraman Memorial Endowment Prize for Best Research Project of the year

4. S Karpagavalli
     – Sri V R Ramanatha Iyer Memorial Prize for Optometric Optics
     – Dr M M Cooper Memorial Prize for Anatomy

5. H.Praveen Singh
     – Luxottica Excellence Award for Law and Optometry

6. Dr. Marian Anne Jacob
     – “Jayaben Chamanlal Shah” Endowment Award for Best Outgoing Sub specialty Fellow

7. Dr. Sudipta Das
     – Dr. V T Doshi Memorial Award for Best Outgoing Vitreo Retinal Fellow- Award

8. Dr Lala Akhundova
     – The Indian Society for Prevention of Blindness Endowment Award for Best Lady Fellow in Vitreo-Retinal Sub- Specialty Award

9. Dr. Kankaria Vardhaman Prakash
     – Sri. K. Vasantha Madhavan Memorial Award & Cash Prize instituted by Mrs. K Saraswathy for Best Outgoing Post Graduate Student of Diplomat of National board of Examination

10. Dr. Maneesh Singh & Dr.Parthapratim Dutta Majumder
        – Dr. T L K Row Memorial Endowment Award for Best Associate Consultants in Ophthalmology

11. Dr. Debmalya Das & Dr. Nair Akshay Gopinathan
      – Dr. Kantimathynathan Endowment Medal” Instituted by Dr. Jaganathan for Best post graduate D N B candidate in Neuro Ophthalmology

12. Dr. Sabyasachi Somnath Sengupta
       – “ Swarnalata Punshi” Award for Best Research Fellow

13. Dr. N Angayarkanni
       – Swarnalata Punshi Prize Award for Best Research Worker

14. Dr. B Shantha
       – Ruby Banik Memorial Award for Best Research in Clinical Sciences in Ophthalmology Award

15. Abhay D.Shah
       – Sri V R Ramanatha Iyer Memorial Prize for Ocular Diseases

16. Sabiha N Jamal
      – Dr (Maj) S .Srinivasan Memorial Prize for Best Senior Faculty

17. Mr. S Ve Ramesh
       – Dr (Maj) S .Srinivasan Memorial Prize for Best Junior Faculty

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