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Sudharsana Homam 2011

Sudharsana Homam 2011

Sunday the 11th of September 2011 was a day of thanksgiving and invoking the blessings of the Almighty at Sankara Nethralaya. “Sudharsana Homam” the annual mass prayer for the welfare of Sankara Nethralaya employees and their families and for all round world peace and prosperity was performed with religious fervour at a specially formed dais near the Sri V.Venugopal block. A total of 13 purohits chanted Vedic mantras and performed 6 homams. This year the honour of undertaking the ‘Sankalpam’ went to Dr Veena Bhaskaran, Consultant at the JCOC and her husband Shri J.Balamurugan.

Dr S.Bhaskaran, Chairman, Sankara Nethralaya, Board Members, Consultants, Employees, Swan Volunteers, Post graduate researchers and attendants of patients took part in the function, which culminated with the distribution of prasadam around noon.

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