Witnessing the transformation in Oculoplasty

Chrysalis 2011

A two-day international Oculofacial, Reconstructive and Aesthetics conference was organised by Sankara Nethralaya from January 16-17, 2011. Titled ‘Chrysalis 2011’, the conference sought to explore the transformation that the field of Oculofacial Reconstructive and Aesthetics has witnessed in recent times.  Experts from countries like USA, France, United Kingdom, Singapore and Indian cities like Chennai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Guwahati, Bangalore, Mumbai and Coimbatore shared their clinical and research experiences with their contemporaries and upcoming doctors.

Chief Guest Sri. Gopalkrishna Gandhi, former Governor, West Bengal and grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, delivered a captivating talk on “Gandhi’s spectacles,” on January 17, 2011. Citing pictorial evidences and personal anecdotes, Sri. Gopalkrishna Gandhi reminisced on how “spectacles fitted into Gandhi’s evolving sense of intelligent and compassionate living.”

Although medical and surgical intervention was a boon for patients who suffered from disfigurement and conditions like squint and cleft palate, Sri. Gopalkrishna Gandhi cautioned ophthalmologists who “ought to be aware of the possibility that Oculoplasty can move from the house of common to the house of commerce.”

”A surgeon’s knife, like a surgeon’s time, is axiomatically booked for the needy, the urgent and the important. It should not be borrowed by the cosmetically ambitious, vain-glorious, narcissistic and certainly not to the detriment of the deserving,” he said.

Lauding the services provided by Sankara Nethralaya and Dr. SS Badrinath in alleviating blindness in India, Sri. Gopalkrishna Gandhi said, “I know of no one who has given so gently, so unobtrusively and with such amazing attentiveness, life changing care to human beings as Dr. Badrinath.”

Through a series of key note lectures, panel discussions, video sessions and live workshops, experts not only provided a broader perspective on the subject but also demonstrated both conventional and recent treatment modalities in the field.

According to Dr. Shubhra Goel, Organising Secretary, Chrysalis 2011, “Aesthetic surgery has witnessed a significant growth in India, in the past five years, and is now recognized as one of the super-specialities in oculofacial surgery. The expansion of this speciality has also increased, manifold, the collaboration with colleagues from otolaryngology, endocrinology, dermatology, plastic surgery, radiology and faciomaxillary.”

“India has become a hub for medical education and research. The time has come to bring together the powerhouses across the world to intensify our goals towards excellence,” she adds.For the international faculty, most of who were participating at such a conference in India for the first time, Chrysalis 2011 gave them an insight into the developments the field of oculofacial and reconstructive services has made in India. For upcoming medical students, researchers and clinicians, who attended the conference, Chrysalis 2011 provided them an opportunity to interact with oculoplasty experts, specialists in cosmetic dermatology, faciomaxillary surgeons, radiologists, plastic surgeons, endocrinologists and otolaryngologists and thereby helped them understand the various components which make oculofacial and reconstructive services one of the most upcoming specialities of ophthalmology.

Around 250 delegates attended the two-day conference. Day 1 of the conference, which focused on understanding the rudiments of Oculoplasty, had sessions on blepharoptosis, lids & lacrimal and orbital tumours. The second day was dedicated for sessions on aesthetic and cosmetic oculo-facial plastic surgery. Experts spoke on the medical uses of botox, dermal fillers and blepharoplasty.The conference was organised by the department of oculoplastic surgery at Sankara Nethralaya.

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