World Glaucoma Day – An Eye-opener

Diagnosing glaucoma is tricky, said Dr Sripriya Krishnamoorthy, ophthalmologist at Sankara Nethralaya’s Shrimati Jadhavbai Nathmal Singhvee Glaucoma Department. To commemorate the World Glaucoma Day on 12 March, Sankara Nethralaya organised an open house here to promote glaucoma awareness. Its research revealed that 95 percent of the people with glaucoma knew not they had it, she said.  The second cause of blindness in India, Glaucoma will hit 12 million Indians by next year.  It is found to affect those 35 +,  especially diabetics, and those with a family history of glaucoma.

“Severe vision loss caused by glaucoma is irreversible,” said Ophthalmologist Dr Aditya Neog.  Patients cannot detect glaucoma until it gets  serious, though there are some warning signs: headaches or eye pain due to increased eye pressure; difficulty seeing objects on the side; and frequent changes in spectacle power. “That is why we call it the silent thief of sight,” he said.

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