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Like To Show My Gratitude In The Form Of A Donation

We have not seen her. She lives in USA. In September 2008, She wrote a line, ‘ I have Harada’s syndrome, can you treat it? I am in USA presently’. Just an email. We replied promptly and since September 2008, we have several exchange of emails. We have seen the images of her eyes as well as optical coherance tomography, fundus fluroscence angiogram. We confirmed her diagnosis and suggested the treatment. She had undergone the treatment in USA. She responded well. Her vision got improved. In February 2009, we were surprised to get an email from her. ” I am alright with treatment. I like to show my gratitude in the form a donation Sankara Nethralaya”. She promptly mailed her cheque to:

Mr S V Acharya
Sankara Nethralaya OM Trust Inc.
9710, Traville Gateway Drive,
No.392, Rockville,
MD 20850, U.S.A.

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