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Vision Research Foundation of Sankara Nethralaya has developed the WORLD’S FIRST DNA CHIP FOR EYE INFECTIONS – XCyto-Screen.

Sankara Nethralaya is proud of its most eminent team of Scientists effectively lead by Prof H N MADHAVAN, who has played the key role in conceiving & executing this project. The team of scientists at Vision Research Foundation-Sankara Nethralaya Chennai; LVPEI, Hyderabad; RP centre for Ophthalmology, AIIMS, New Delhi; Center for Cellular & Molecular biology, Hyderabad & Xcyton Diagnostics, Bangalore (industrial partner) lead by Prof H N Madhavan had worked for 4-1/2 years on this project with a grant of 3.5 crores under New Millennium Indian Technology Leadership Initiative (CSIR – NMITLI) programme on ocular infectious diseases group for a novel molecular diagnosis.

The advantages of this chip are that, it can simultaneously identify more than 15 different pathogens causing eye infections in a short span of 6-8 hours. & it can detect probable infectious etiology of a given clinical condition in a multiplex format; it is cost-effective as it reduces time & labor. The risk of cross-contaminations is highly reduced here. The Detection is done by the naked eye. Since this is based on a polymerase chain reaction based technique, a trained medical laboratory technician can perform the test with ease. Even laboratories at the district level hospital can introduce this test. The cost of the chip is Rs. 2500/-

By identifying the causative agent on the very first day of seeing the patient, it is possible to save the eye sight with institution of immediate & appropriate therapy.

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