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Sankara Nethralaya Information Booth at Chennai Central Inaugurated on 25.09.07

The renovated Sankara Nethralaya information booth at the Chennai Central Railway station was inaugurated today (25-09-2007) by the Honorable Minister of State for Railways, Shri R Velu at 10.30 AM.

Shri R Velu expressed his deep felt appreciation to SN for its noble service.

Dr G Suganeswari, ophthalmologist, SN said that the magnitude of the eye problems, India is facing as of today is much higher & hence this information booth will be a boon to the public.

This Information Booth will focus on benefits of periodic eye examination. The charts & the brochures displayed here are very much self explanatory, including the FAQ’s. Clinical photos have also been displayed here for better understanding.Awareness on diabetic retinopathy has been given special focus.

Sankara Nethralaya’s Renovated booth opened – The Hindu

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