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MR D R Kaarthikeyan IPS, Former Director of CBI Visited Sankara Nethralaya on 28-09-2007

MR. D R Kaarthikeyan IPS, Advisor – Law – Human rights – Corporate affairs, India & Former Director of CBI & Special Director General of CRPF visited Sankara Nethralaya on 28-09-2007. He has served in various capacities in the Indian Government, including postings outside the country.


Vision Research Foundation of Sankara Nethralaya has developed the WORLD’S FIRST DNA CHIP FOR EYE INFECTIONS – XCyto-Screen.
Sankara Nethralaya is proud of its most eminent team of Scientists effectively lead by Prof H N MADHAVAN, who has played the key role in conceiving & executing this project. The team of scientists at Vision Research [...]

Mr Reiner Bielmeier, Vice President Marketing & Sales, Wavelight AG visited Sankara Nethralaya on 26.09.07

Sankara Nethralaya Information Booth at Chennai Central Inaugurated on 25.09.07

The renovated Sankara Nethralaya information booth at the Chennai Central Railway station was inaugurated today (25-09-2007) by the Honorable Minister of State for Railways, Shri R Velu at 10.30 AM.
Shri R Velu expressed his deep felt appreciation to SN for its noble service.
Dr G Suganeswari, ophthalmologist, SN said that the magnitude of the eye problems, [...]

Sudarsana Homam was performed in Sankara Nethralaya on 23rd Sep, Sunday

Sudarsana Homam was performed in JKCN Campus, Sankara Nethralaya for the well being of Nethralaya, its Patients, Employees & their family members, Well Wishers, Donors & our Country at 8.00 A.M on sunday.

Free Spectacles were dispensed by SN at Thiruppanthiyur village, Thiruvallur District on September 20th

As a part of the ongoing Glaucoma Project “SN – Chennai Eye Disease Incidence Study” approximately 130 spectacles were given free of cost to the people in Thiruppanthiyur village.
The people of Thiruppanthiyur village expressed their deep felt gratitute to SN for its great help.

Two days workshop on Tele-ophthalmolgy at Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai

A Regional Workshop on Tele-ophthalmology is being conducted by NPCB(National program for control of blindness), Ministry of Health & Welfare, Govt of India , New Delhi at SN, Chennai on September 20th & 21st. About 30 Doctors from all over South India are attending this workshop.
NPCB was launched in 1976 as a centrally sponsored program [...]

Mrs Vatsala Srinivasan donated to Sankara Nethralaya on 17-09-2007

Thank you Mam, your generosity will make an immediate difference in lives of lot of people.

Mr V Jagannathan, chairman cum MD, star health & allied Insurance and his team donated to SN on 17-09-2007

Thank you sir for you Kindness.

Shri R Ranganathan of Kollegal donated to Sankara Nethralaya towards Cataract Surgery on 12-09-2007

Thank You Sir for your Noble Gesture!